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Linear guideways with improved corrosion protection - HIRES linear guideways

We use corrosion-resistant steel for some of our linear guideways. In addition to the MG series, the HG series is now also available as a HIRES version, providing the linear guideways with improved corrosion protection.

We have given our range of corrosion-resistant linear guideways the name HIRES, which stands for HIWIN-Resistant. In this design, all steel components such as carriages, profile rails, rolling elements and lubrication connections as well as screws are made of corrosion-resistant martensitic steel. The HIRES guideways are therefore particularly suitable for applications in high ambient humidity or in contact with highly diluted acids/alkalis/salt solutions. Especially in areas where a coating cannot be used, the HIRES guide made of corrosion-resistant steel is the first choice. This is the case, for example, in cleaning systems, electroplating and pickling systems as well as vacuum and clean room applications.

The miniature MG series is already made of corrosion-resistant steel as standard. "Our compact MG guideways are primarily used in medical technology. Due to the cleaning agents used, corrosion-resistant steel is required here as standard," explains HIWIN Managing Director Werner Mäurer. 
The linear guideways in the HG series (in sizes 15, 20 and 25) are now also available as HIRES linear guideways. Their properties such as rigidity, hardness, load ratings and dimensions remain the same compared to standard steel. "Our HG series, which is designed for high loads and rigidity, can now also be used in HIRES versions wherever standard steel would corrode," says Werner Mäurer. "Depending on the requirements, we supply our linear guideways in different sizes and specifications."